Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations 2024 National Gathering

August 29 - 31 | Washington, D.C.

Unlocking Healing in a Broken World

Welcome to the Courageous Conversations 2024 Conference! This year, we’re diving deep into the gap between what we believe and what we experience in faith. Join us as we explore the themes of injustice, trauma, and suffering, and discover how pursuing godliness can heal your heart and life.

Our journey is inspired by Lisa Victoria Fields' upcoming book When Faith Disappoints: The Gap Between What We Believe and What We Experience.

While serving in Christian ministry, Lisa encountered people’s contentions with Christianity. Rather than arguing, she listened to their pain, their doubts, and their questions. She saw the profound gap between the expectations of faith and the harsh realities of life.

In her debut book, Lisa invites Christians and skeptics alike to reevaluate the promises and truths of Christianity. She uncovers seven common pain points: a lack of personhood, power, protection, provision, peace, purpose, and pleasure. For some, Christianity falls short in meeting these needs, leading them to seek alternative paths to cope.

But there’s hope. Lisa delves into Scripture to show how Christianity can alleviate these very real pains. Through vulnerability, powerful storytelling, and thoughtful scriptural analysis, she tends to your hurting heart and offers a path forward. Her message resonates with the power of a faith that works, bringing relevance and value to your life here and now.

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At Courageous Conversations we strive to:

Let’s break free from divisive stereotypes.

Engage in open, respectful conversations.

Together, we grow intellectually and spiritually.

Learn the art of dialoguing with diverse perspectives.

Forge connections with those who think differently.

Highlight the richness of perspectives within the Black church.

This Year’s Conversations:

  • Personhood:

    Who am I?

  • Peace:

    How Can I Find Inner Peace in a Turbulent World?

  • Provision:

    Can I Trust that God Will Provide My Financial Needs?

  • Pleasure:

    How Can I Find Joy and Fulfillment in a Life of Pain?

  • Purpose:

    What's My purpose?

  • Protection:

    Why Didn't God Protect Me?

  • Power:

    How Can I Take Control and Find Freedom from Pain?

Our Unique Approach

Courageous Conversations is the Jude 3 Project’s annual gathering that unites Black voices from both conservative and progressive spaces. We believe in the power of diverse thought to foster growth and understanding.

Join us in Washington, D.C. from August 29th to August 31st for a conference that promises to be transformative. Together, we’ll bridge the gap between belief and experience, nurturing a more inclusive and empathetic world.

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